Elizabeth Russell

""I feel great and can now keep up at the gym and with life/children!""

Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth Russell

After having my second child, I decided to start taking care of ME. I started working out 3x/week in June 2018 and continued through the end of the year. My nutrition remained the same as years prior… restrictive and low carb. Although I was routinely attending the gym, I did not feel as though I was making progress in my workouts or significant changes to my weight. I wasn’t looking for a big weight loss, but knew my body didn’t feel it’s best.

It was actually my husband’s idea to have Amanda look at my nutrition. He had successfully reached his weight loss goals and was able to eat with minimal restriction. I eagerly agreed and met for consultation in late April 2019. I have been pleased with my progress since!

After our initial meeting, it took 12 weeks to INCREASE my calories to adequately fuel my body. I began drinking water, counting fiber and my macros and striving to meet those “goals” daily. I couldn’t believe the changes I had in energy and I was astounded that I was losing weight while eating MORE food!

After achieving a maintenance level of nutrition, I began a cut phase in order to improve my performance at the gym. I had specific goals in mind in order to progress my gymnastics abilities and be able to endure a workout with enough energy. 16 weeks later, I completed the cut, am nearing a new maintanence phase, and have dropped 2 pant sizes despite only a 5lb weight loss! I am now at a new weight that I haven’t seen since 2010 (before children) and I feel the strongest I have in life.

Amanda has worked specifically to help me meet my nutrition and also meet specific goals toward my workouts. She’s been able to provide weekly changes and recommendations to my diet based on my energy levels, gut health and stress. I feel great and can now keep up at the gym and with life/children!

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