Snowpocalypse21: Stay Positive

Hello Everyone!

It’s snowing out if you weren’t aware. After some extensive research (actually none), I found an article (no I didn’t) stating this volume of fluffy rain hasn’t been seen in Memphis since 1634 (don’t check that). Because this is such an unprecedented event, it’s tough to know exactly how to handle the situation. Do we let the weather get the best of us and attempt to finish all 32 bottles of Trader Joe’s wine we’ve been stockpiling for the last year OR do we do the opposite and do fasted cardio sprints in 1 degree weather outside? I’d say the healthy majority of us will likely find ourselves somewhere between the two options. We are all human and mistakes will be made, but the key is to view this situation as the rare opportunity it is and practice controlling what we can control and let the rest go.

What We Cannot Control:
The weather

What We Can (attempt to) Control:
Our Attitude
Mobility Focus
Relationships with ourselves and those we GET (perception control there) to be stuck with!

I know a lot of us view the gym as our social hour. It is what keeps us level in our hectic lives. However, the 5 days off from the gym does not have to be a bad thing. View it as a time to work on our mobility. Let those little nagging pains heal. Focus on doing the body weight workouts Amanda has taken the time to create and make the best of this situation. It is a small hiccup in our weekly routines and we will soon be back in full swing. Hopefully, we can all come back fresh faced, more grateful and with more excitement than before Snowpocalypse 21’!

See you all soon!!

-Coach Ryan McKenzie

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