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We have 2 different options to “Get Started” at SOPO. One is our group beginner course that begins quarterly *ask us when the next session begins* The other is our Fast-Track Personal Introduction that can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for you and available for a coach.

Fast-Track Introductory


Fast-Track Introductory

Getting started with a busy schedule can be difficult, we are here to help and work on your time to get started.

Figure out what day(s) and time(s) that work with your schedule and let us know you are ready! We hope that you are ready to start your fitness journey asap! Each session last an hour.


Sometimes the hardest part is finding the time to workout which is why we offer this personalized introduction to CrossFit. You CAN START THIS AT ANY TIME. We work with your schedule at your pace and at your convenience to give you a quality and comprehensive introduction to CrossFit Sopo. This Fast Track is 4 (or more) one-on-one sessions followed by 2-3wks in our regular classes.

I Need the Fast Track! I'm Ready!
6 Week Challenge


6 Week Challenge

Personalized Nutrition Program + Intro of CrossFit

Register--> Fill out Nutrition Questionnaire-->Meet your Coach--> Start your classes!


  • This is a small group class for those who really want to see RESULTS. Each 6 week Challenge, the members will receive a personalized Nutrition plan geared towards there goals with weekly check-ins and accountability from the coach. Alongside the nutrition plan for the first 3 weeks the members will get an intro into CrossFit meeting 3x a week. After the 3 weeks in our intro sessions the members get FREE access to our regular class schedule and programming.
  • If you sign up for unlimited membership, following the 6wk Challenge, you get your FIRST MONTH FREE!
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