Priorities -Fitness- Failure

Priorities -Fitness- Failure

Excuse me while I hop up on my soapbox for a moment. This will come off as a bit of a rant. It will jump around a bit which, if you know me, is to be expected. I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance if it does not read smoothly…but bear with me, there is a point to be made.


Excuses are common.

Everyone is busy.

Everyone has a reason not to.


Everyone is not you.

You have to find your reason “why”.

You have to take responsibility.

You have to make YOU a priority.

Priorities are commonly associated with objectives. Many of us, myself included, love to make lists. Go to the store, walk the dog, finish xyz for work, etc. However, unless that list includes something solely dedicated to bettering YOU, that list is incomplete. In my opinion, everyone should have a core set of priorities that are never changing. Our days are going to be inconsistent and with them, tasks will come in and out of our lives like acquaintances. We will meet these tasks, complete them, and send them on their way soon to be forgotten. However, our core set of priorities will always be there and need our focus. If these priorities go unmet, we suffer. Again, in my opinion, one of these essential priorities should always be fitness.


Fitness is a broad term that encapsulates an array of potential actions. However, no matter your individual preference, all fitness based pursuits have one thing in common…they make you better. It is you taking responsibility for your health both physically and mentally. We challenge ourselves through fitness and therefore grow as individuals. It is a necessity. No well rounded, successful person in this world has a routine that does not include a consistent fitness regiment. If you want to be successful, healthy, and fulfilled, you MUST pursue fitness..

Here at Crossfit SOPO, we have made a choice on our fitness based journey to better ourselves through Crossfit. We prioritize ourselves through Crossfit, which we love as the never ending struggle…never to be beat, but always there for us to try and overcome. Crossfit is an amazing tool; as it will challenge you in ways you may have never considered and thanks to its variety, will force you to find your limits. You will fail constantly, which is okay. In fact, failure is necessary.

“The only failure is not trying.” – Robin S.Sharma

Failure is the key to finding out who you are. It highlights your weaknesses that will act as a map for you to find your ideal self. Too often are people discouraged by failure, when in fact, failure should be the objective. Failure is not to be avoided; it is there to help you learn and grow. Therefore, failure is the goal.

We have all heard this before and like most common sayings or expressions, most of us do not associate any emotional connection with them. But, I challenge you to truly think on what this specific adage actually encompasses. To never try is to never know. To never pursue, is to never grow (I’m coining that…). I would morbidly venture to assume that most people in this world do not feel fulfilled. This depression conjuring thought can usually be traced to individuals never having tried to pursue something that they felt might light that smothered flame of passion that resides un-stoked in most of us. This truth is crushing when you consider the potential ramifications. As humans, we have the fortunate but equally unfortunate burden of awareness regarding our own mortality. Many of us subconsciously emotionally link anxiety to our dreams and therefore bury them down deep until they are forgotten. What I am challenging you to do is remember those potential passions and dabble. Do not put pressure on yourself to succeed in your pursuits, but instead, allow the pursuit of your passions to be the success. Your emotions linked to those pursuits could suddenly bring you the joy, success and fulfillment you had always yearned for. You do not fail through failure, you progress. You only fail when you fail to dream; you only fail when you fail to act; you only fail when you fail to try.

So, to bring this all home, go try! Try in the gym! Try in your life! Fail a billion times and then fail a billion more times! Success is the pursuit. Put yourself first by setting those never ending priorities in your day to day life. Pursue fitness. Try something you have always wanted to and never stop. We only lose if we quit and quitting is never an option when it comes to our lives, our happiness, and ourselves.
-Coach Ryan