New Year- Same You

New Year— Same You

This year I urge you to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals.

Oftentimes we set new goals thinking “this is the year” I make it happen… I finally get disciplined, I finally do it “for me.” This kind of thinking is full of good intent and possibility BUT one thing really has to change in order for you to do something you’ve never done before.

That one thing is simply… Belief.
If you never change your beliefs about yourself, goals, and abilities- literally nothing will change. Your current beliefs have put you in the position you are today.

In order to see lasting change, we must identify our poor beliefs and change them (rewire our brain so to speak) OR we will be in the same boat at the beginning of 2023.

For example:
If you believe…
*The only way you’ll be happy is to lose weight… what you’ll find out- is if you get to that goal weight it doesn’t automatically make you happy. You’ll still experience sadness and frustration being X amount of pounds lighter.
*The only way to lose weight is to be on a strict diet and follow it 100%. This is what we call the “all or nothing” mentality. If perfection is what you expect of yourself- you won’t succeed. We are never going to be perfect. I give this example all the time to my clients: Let’s say you are in a groove with meal prep on Sundays (it is the one time you really prepare for the week and set yourself up for success.) What happens if it is Easter and you have a lot going on and you miss your meal prep time?
Do you think to yourself:
A. I didn’t have time… I guess it’s pizza tonight, Chick Fil A tomorrow, etc. The whole week of eating healthy is basically ruined.
B. I didn’t get to meal prep yesterday like I normally do, so I must to go to the store today and cook tonight. If something happens again that night, do you give up? Or do you rally and do it the next day?
We cannot sustain any health protocol if we think we have to be perfect. In order to succeed, we must have balance and consistent structure of a healthy routine.

*If you believe your worth is tied to the scale. I know weight loss is important and we can easily believe that we are not working hard enough, being strict enough, disciplined enough, or perhaps we believe that something is wrong with us when we don’t see the scale budge. This goes back to point number one. Happiness is not found in the scale. If the scale ruins your day, causes you to binge on sweets, affects how you treat people around you… The scale is not the problem, your beliefs are. You don’t have to workout harder, be perfect everyday… you simply need to evaluate your beliefs and decisions.

You can ONLY reach your goals if your beliefs are in line with your goals.
The fact is if you are not willing to change a single thing, you won’t change. If you think you have to be someone you’re not to change, you won’t change.

You only get one life. One body.

Your body and Suzie’s body on the internet doesn’t react the same way to change.

Your body and diet #555 might not jive if it doesn’t align with your values, beliefs, and habits.

Oftentimes y’all we do not need anything shiny or new to accomplish what we want in life… we simply just choose to do it. We align our choices so that we can take steps toward our goals. And remember…

Your beliefs create your thoughts.
Your thoughts create your actions.
Your actions create your reality.

So I urge you this year to believe that you can achieve the things you want. And remember nothing is wrong with you. Your body isn’t broken. Assess your core beliefs and see what lies you are believing and after really thinking about it- begin to challenge yourself with new beliefs and find a healthy friend/coach to help keep you in this new mindset. Thoughts are powerful, “they can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven.” Choose wisely and go kick 2022 in the butt.