Lead Trainer/Partner Amanda answers questions she’s commonly asked. Have a question you don’t see here? Email her!

Q. What is CrossFit at SOPO Germantown?

A. CrossFit is an effective training program that also provides the right prescription for nutrition, which will allow you to become healthier and more fit. You’ll begin to move better, you’ll get leaner and stronger, with better muscular and cardiovascular endurance. 

Q. Do I have to be in shape before starting CrossFit?

A. No way! We have a specific program built for you, our Kickstarter Course,  to learn the foundational movements of CrossFit, as well as nutrition information to help you START your journey of getting into the best shape of your life.

Q. Do you have showers?

A. YES! We have 2 showers to use at your convenience. 

Q. As a woman, I’m worried about getting bulky- will that happen?

No. No. And No. As a woman myself, I understand your concerns, but unless you inject steroids you will never look bulky or manly. You will lose fat and in turn your muscles will appear leaner aka more toned!

Q. How long does it take to see results?

Results are directly related to your dedication as a CrossFit athlete. If you are making consistent workouts and you make healthy eating decisions, you will see results faster than if you sparingly work out and eat whatever you want. It all up to you!