Expectations in a Metcon

Expectations In A Metcon

“What was your time?”
“What weight did you use?”
“Who’s got the best score?”
“How did they get a round ahead of me?”
“I’m terrible.”
“I’m awesome!”

This is just a short list of the outer and or inner dialogue you may have while doing a Crossfit workout. Everyday, we as SOPO members “compete” with each other. This isn’t a bad thing and can, in fact, be beneficial. Seeing others do well can be exhilarating and motivating. However, as easy as it is for our focus to be pulled to others undertaking the same physical and mental challenges we are about to tackle, we must keep in mind that we should only truly be worried about competing with one specific person….ourselves.

When approaching any metcon, lift, or even mobility session, the most important question you should be asking yourself is “What is my goal?”. All athletes are at different levels and it is imperative each athlete keeps this in mind when in a class setting. For the average athlete, it is unrealistic to measure oneself against the Rich Fronings and Matthew Frasers of the world. If within a class you have a partner you workout with frequently, who you know is close to your level, competing against this individual is healthy. However, we must set our goals prior to shifting our focus to anyone else. We are NOT COMPETING in our day to day training. We are here to train, improve, heal, and better ourselves. For clarity, here is a list of questions we should each ask ourselves each day before we undertake any new challenge.

What is my focus, goal and intent in this workout?

Do I have any tweaks, pains, or injuries that could be exacerbated by any of the assigned movements or weight prescriptions?

Is there anyone in the class with me that can push me with this challenge?

Am I letting my ego dictate any of my decisions to the aforementioned questions?

**As always, if you are struggling to decide on scaling options, what your goal should be, or if you are having any mental battles AT ALL pertaining to the challenge ahead, please consult one of the present coaches. We are there to help and have more than likely experienced the same mental or physical conflictions you are facing. We are here for a reason and want to help you succeed!**

Finally, I want to stress the importance of intention. Intention is similar to setting goals, however intention drives your focus and energy more than a simple goal. Intention creates urgency, self awareness, discipline and overall influences success. Most athletes come into class with one of two mindsets:

I love today’s workout
I hate today’s workout

With the latter mindset comes a whole slew of emotions, predetermined negative mindsets and self talk, and preconceived thoughts on how they could fail. This should not be the case. With every challenge there is a way for any athlete to find success. There are positives to take away from all situations whether you view it as bad or not. The difference is setting intention and setting YOURSELF a goal that is challenging, but attainable IF you push yourself. Intention is a tool left un-utilized by most, but those that are consistent with it become those we aspire to be.

To summarize, your expectations in a metcon should be based solely on your own abilities. Comparing yourself to the wrong person will crush motivation. If you focus on beating the person you were yesterday, you will learn more about yourself and you will improve. SOPO is a workshop. Use it. Build yourself into a better you each day and you will soon not recognize the person you thought you were a week, month or year ago. Stay focused on YOU and the changes WILL come!

Self Challenge

Set your intention prior to class each day this week. Know what your goal(s) is before you enter the gym. Find a favorable partner if one is in your class and push each other. Make note of your weaknesses and strengths. Address those weaknesses and build your strengths. Set your intention and see what changes bloom from a simple shift in perspective. You have nothing to lose!

Let’s get after it!