Creating Achievable Goals

In several other posts, we have discussed the “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to health and fitness. A common thought pattern when one creates goals for their health and fitness is “I won’t have/do ________ this week.” As well-intentioned as this is, it creates tension in our everyday life when we are trying to put a full stop to something that has been a regular part of our life. Consider this, if you were to make a goal that said “I am only going to have a drink/dessert/fast food 3 times this week instead of 5.”
This goal is measurable, specific, achievable, and able to be progressed as needed when it is met.
This same thought progression is applicable to every area of our life. Instead of “I am going to the gym or not” we can give ourselves the freedom to say “I may not have time to make it to the gym today, but I do have time for 20 minutes of air squats, sit-ups, and pushups in my living room.”
When we begin to create our goals around our actual life instead of the life we want to have they become a lot more attainable. As we achieve these goals, they progress and before you know it you actually will arrive at the life you’ve wanted to get to the whole time.
Now that we addressed the All or Nothing mindset and qualities of a goal (specific, measurable, attainable and ability to be progressed), let’s brainstorm about where we can shift our mindset and put this into practice.
Where in your health and fitness routine do you feel like you fail the most often? This could be because you are creating unrealistic goals for yourself that you cannot progress because you never attained them.
Consider these areas and what goals you may change within them; food choice, alcohol intake, sleep consistency, gym routine, water intake, eating out, stretching, and mindfulness.

Action Steps:
Choose 2-3 categories that you would like to make improvements in. Create a goal based on something you would like to change but rather than eliminating a habit completely or trying to implement a new habit 100% of the time, find a balance that you can keep. For example,

“I will go to bed before 11 pm 2-3 nights this week”
“I will meet my protein goal 4 days this week,”
“I will practice muscle-up drills 2 times this week.”

These goals should be specific to you and something that you truly want to implement in your life. Eventually, these small goals will grow and before you know it you will regularly be going to bed on time, meeting your protein goal most days, and consistently making better choices!

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