Ryan McKenzie

Ryan McKenzie


  • CrossFit Level 1 & 2


  • Master's Degree in Business


My name is Ryan McKenzie and I have been coaching Crossfit since 2015.

I have been active for the majority of my life playing competitive baseball in my younger years while dabbling in a variety of other sports (track & field, soccer, football, golf, etc.). When I started high school, I found that wrestling was my forte. I wrestled through high school and into college attending Cumberland Univ. in Lebanon, Tn, then transferring to complete my competitive and academic career at Tiffin, Univ. in Ohio. While attending Tiffin, I was lucky enough to be hired as a Graduate Assistant and complete my Master’s Degree, while also acting as one of the strength coaches for my college team. This was where I found Crossfit and began to implement the principles I learned through this new program into my own personal regimen.

When I moved back to TN in 2014, I immediately went out and attained my Level 1 certification and began coaching. I enjoyed the competitive outlet Crossfit could provide, but I more so fell in love with the community the program promotes. Something most life long athletes crave is the team comradery that is suddenly stripped from their lives once they complete their high school or, if they are lucky enough, college careers. Something Crossfit does is help fill that void. I believe there is a reason that so many athletes and current/ex-military men and women are drawn to this fitness ideology, and that reason is not deadlift and bench press, but the people within the community all striving to become better versions of themselves while actively supporting each other in the process. For that reason, I am extremely excited to be joining the SOPO family and look forward to doing what I can to enrich and grow our awesome community!

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