Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I have an analogy that has stayed present in my thoughts since this whole crazy Covid life has started and I keep coming back to it because I’ve realized I can totally neglect health by chasing after it.

What’s this analogy?

Your body is your bank account. Your bank account looks a lot different than someone else’s and only you can change what it reveals each month. If your body is the bank account then stressors are the withdrawals and managing stressors are the deposits.

Let’s make a list of examples of stressor that withdraw from your bank account/body.

*Financial stress?
*Lack of sleep?
*Stressful relationship?
*Unresolved tension at work or at home? Are you sweeping things under the rug?
*Constant traffic getting to work?
*What about under-eating?
*What about over exercising? Under exercising, couch potato?
*What about too much blue light via TV, games, youtube, etc.
*What about working at your job for over 12 hours a day non-stop?
*What about answering emails when you’re at home with your family because you can?
*What about isolating yourself from those that care about you?
*What about hating your body?
*What about hating your circumstances?

You see so many different things throughout your day that you can withdraw from your bank account.

What happens when we ALWAYS withdraw but we never deposit?

We go into debt.

Most of us since Covid happened are living life in debt. Chasing something. Always catching up. Adjusting to new routines. Taking no time for ourselves. Doing more than we ever have to stay afloat.

Now we ask, how do we get out of debt?

You make deposits into your account. If you start to add more deposits than withdrawals soon enough you’ll be in the green.

What are ways that we can deposit (fill our cup, fill our life with joy)?

*Focusing on what you can control with your finances. Spend less?
*Spending more time with those we love and love us.
*Being present when we are with people, put the phone down.
*Establishing work boundaries, stop working at a set time every day if possible and leave it out of the bedroom.
*Have a conversation with the spouse, gf/bf, co-worker, other family member that is causing stress. Figure out what needs to change to make the relationship better. BOTH people have to compromise.
*Workout OR Workout less. Depending on your level, either take time for yourself and move your body. But if you’re working out 2x a day 5-6x a week to relieve stress or ignore stress, instead…slow down and take a rest day.
*Go for a walk/get outside often. (Being in nature soothes the soul. )
*Take a hot shower/bath.
*Have boundaries on your TV and phone use, don’t be enslaved to it.
*Be thankful for the body you have, you only get one. Treat it with kindness and be proud of what it can do.
*Have a daily gratitude journal time OR engage in a thankful attitude. You have so much more than you think you do. Being grateful will help you see the world and your circumstances in a different way.
*EAT quality food to support your health. You know veggies and fruit are good for you. Eat them at every meal. You know fast food and pizza aren’t the best, make a better decision. *get a health coach, stop following Suzie soccer mom’s new diet.
****Last but definitely not least, ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So moving forward in 2020. I challenge you to check in with yourself. Even those with the best intentions can ignore what is making them unhealthy… stress gets all of us at a time or two. Manage it before it manages you.

HONESTLY ask yourself, am I making more withdrawals or deposits this month? This week? Now you can see it so you can start building true wealth. It starts with one choice at a time.

Don’t forget it and don’t live in debt.

If this was of interest, schedule a one on one with a coach.

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