Be STRONG… #sopostrong what does it mean?

Be Strong-

What does it mean to be #SOPOSTRONG? Yes this alliteration is a catchy hashtag but what it really means inside our community is what I am here to explain. When I had a vision for this gym over six years ago I wanted to create an environment that was inclusive where like “Cheers” everyone knows your name… they most likely know your profession, if you’re a dog/cat person, and whether you like burpees or not. When the pandemic hit last year our community was forced to isolate (like everyone else in the world) and what I discovered during that time as an owner is that people here workout consistently because they simply love the people they are working out with. The community, the family, is the driving force that makes everyone keep coming back for more. YOU make this place great! Having a strong CrossFit community is going to keep us all healthier and fit for life. Being STRONG at Sopo means showing up to do hard things with friends. It means you have another person to share life’s laughs and burdens with (especially if those burdens involve burpees over a box). Being STRONG at Sopo means giving it 100% of the available effort you have for that day because that not only makes you stronger but could also positively affect your friend. Being STRONG at Sopo means we encourage and push one another to become better humans. Being #SOPOSTRONG is more than just a hashtag because it represents all of us as a family caring, cheering, encouraging, and fighting for one another and for our health one day at a time.

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