Bravery requires action.
Bravery is choosing not to let fear keep you from doing what you want/need to do.
Bravery is risky.
Bravery is the only way we can unlock our true potential.

Imagine walking into a CrossFit gym and finding out that everyone is super friendly regardless of how fit they are, what they look like, or how long they’ve been a member. Imagine finding out that the coach’s really want to help YOU right where you are at. They don’t help because they have to- they help because they really want to see YOU succeed. Imagine a community that wants to be the best version of themselves, wants to be healthy, and works hard each class. Imagine you being apart of that community and growing right along with everyone else.

The opposition to bravery is fear. If you are afraid of something, you’ll never try it. Ultimately, this type of fear is driven by unbelief in oneself. If you don’t see yourself capable of much, you won’t be capable of much. If you don’t see yourself successful with your goals, you won’t reach them. No one will workout for you, do the job for you, or be successful for you. Fear can hold us back from trying so many things.

So imagine yourself doing 1 strict pull-up or completing Murph with a vest. Maybe imagine yourself running 1 mile without stopping or doing one stinkin’ double under. You HAVE TO BE BRAVE enough to try it, to take action and work until your goal is met.

Bravery is risky. Another thing that holds people back (I’m always fighting this one). Oftentimes, we can be too afraid to fail. Being brave is choosing that you “might not” get the outcome you want. If you go into this goal/aspiration with half of your heart (half belief/half unbelief) expect half of the results/outcomes you want. You have to believe that it will work and hard work will pay off. Also, you have to move forward to believing that it will be okay if it doesn’t work out as you’d hoped for or taking longer than you thought it would. The risky part is being vulnerable and trying despite the outcome or what others may think.

Bravery is the only way we can unlock our true potential because during the trying you are discovering new things about yourself. You are GROWING, learning, and adapting to all the challenges that you face.

The common theme with bravery is belief. Without it- you won’t succeed. Start with belief and see how many things can change in your life.

So I call you to BE BRAVE today. Try something that makes you uncomfortable. Try something knowing you might fail. Take that risk and see how much you shine or how much you learn.

At Sopo, we always want to be Brave!