So Many Movements, So Little Time

Now that the Open is over I have a few ‘thought provoking’ observations about our members at SOPO and CrossFitters in general.  The Open can be many things.  Intimidating, fun, challenging, brutal, up lifting, or even depressing.  However, it sure has a way of pointing out your weakness year after year, doesn’t it?

Just yesterday a few of us were hangin’ out after a noon WOD, socializing and shootin’ the breeze.  Someone said, “Man, I used to be so good at running.”  Or, “I used to be so good at pull-ups, I don’t know what happened.”  Our coach and manager, Amanda Evans shared some SOPO knowledge and wisdom when she basically said that what we’re doing is defying age.  We work on a few things everyday where, over time, you become efficient at all the moves, maybe not great, but efficient.  The main thing is, we’re getting in better shape.

That’s hitting the nail right on the head isn’t it?   When it comes to CrossFit, thats what it’s all about.  “Functional movements,” and becoming fit enough to take on whatever life throws at you.

Still, what do we do about conquering our weaknesses?  What it comes down to is, in my humble and non-wizardly opinion is, what kind of athlete do you want to be based on the lifestyle you choose to live?  I’ll put it another way.  Do you want to train like a professional athlete, or can you budget only an hour a day, 3 to 4 days a week?  After all, you have family, activities outside the gym, a job.

A funny thing happens to me every time I focus on one or two movements, trying to perfect them.  I end up becoming inefficient at something else.  Something that wasn’t even a weakness a couple of months ago, suddenly I suck at it!  (By the way, I’m spilling the truth in the hopes that you can relate to this.  I’m kind of hoping that you and I have this in common.)

I can give a perfect example.  I worked on my double under every single day before my regular class and after.  I actually got pretty good at them.  Then one day I found out that I couldn’t do a handstand push up to save my life!  So, instead of working on double unders, I started working on handstand pushups, everyday before and after my regular class.  Suddenly a WOD came along calling for double unders and guess what?  I couldn’t string more than 2 or 3 of them together for the entire workout.  I walked out of the gym that day extremely disappointed because DU’s used to be my specialty.

It suddenly dawned on me that if I want to get really good at everything, I mean everything, I’m gonna have to spend more time in the gym.  I tried 2-a-days for a while, but it’s really, really hard.  For one, it’s a HUGE commitment, and two, just about every day a funny thing called “Life” would come around and I had to adjust my plans.  Translation:  I’m not going to the gym for that second workout because someone needs a ride, or there’s no food in the house, or something came up at work.

The lifestyle you would have to lead in order to become the athlete that has no weaknesses is either beyond what you’re willing to put in to it, or beyond what you are already committed to.  Plain and simple.

So weaknesses, yeah, you’ll discover that you have a few…   But the cool thing about CrossFit is, that while it’s designed to “Forge Fitness” for even the most serious athletes, it’s also designed to make you fitter than you’ve ever been.  All in about 1 hour a day, 3 to 5 days a week!

Think about where you are right now compared to before you walked into our gym here at SOPO.  You know you’re getting the results that you never got before.  You feel better, you’re stronger, more mobile.  Compared to about 95% of your coworkers, you’re a beast!  Compared to the parents you share the stands with at your kid’s soccer games, you’re a beast.  Compared to people who walk on a treadmill 3 to 5 days a week, you’re a beast!  When you’re at the grocery store, you don’t need help out to the car because you’re a beast!

We have the rest of our lives to work on our weaknesses, and you’ll discover that you’ll have more life to do just that because of your age defying workouts.  Also remember this:  Even T-Rex, yes the baddest dinosaur in the forest, had a few flaws.  Like those stubby little arms and that high-pitched screechy scream!  What was up with all that????


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