2 possible reasons you haven’t seen the results you wanted…

1. Sleep
2. You haven’t changed your eating habits

Sleep: 7-8 hours nightly; if you haven’t been able to sleep this much… you’ll see
*Performance and focus decrease significantly.
*Not recovering from workouts; incredibly sore.
*Not motivated to push hard- going through the motions
*Inability to gain muscle or lose weight

So then, what solutions could work? How do I get more sleep…
Sometimes it is a season of life that has us tied up; like young children, etc. In this case, if possible sleep when they sleep; take naps throughout the day.
In most other cases; we need to do better about establishing a consistent bedtime routine that involves winding down (without electronics) and being intentional about going to bed at a time that allows us for at least 7-8 hours. Right now we live in a very distracting world with phones, Netflix, endless kids sports practices, and games. However, we can evolve and grow by figuring out what we CAN CONTROL in our environment and do the very best we can to make sleep a priority. (I’m guilty of Youtube and before I know it, it’s past 10.) The thing is, until we both make it a priority- nothing will change.
If it is not a priority- don’t expect your results to magically happen. Most often, we have to change negative behaviors if we want to be our most optimal self.

Eating enough food; if you haven’t been or you are scared to… you’ll see
*Inability to sleep at night; fall asleep or stay asleep
*Recurring injuries and/or lingering injuries
*Not recovering from workouts; incredibly sore (one workout does you in)
*Hair loss, Digestive issues (constipation, bloating, etc…)
*Not ever getting a PR
*Inability to gain muscle or lose weight

Why is eating enough food important for reaching my goals?
*Many times we have to start with self reflection:
Do I skip breakfast, lunch or dinner on the regular?
Do I eat low calorie Monday-Thursday and then Fri-Sun all rules are broken and you eat whatever with no restraint?
About 90% of the people I start to work with nutrition are under-eating. Most of them are completely unaware. *9/10 people are dieting all the time and wonder why the scale doesn’t budge.

What happens when you eat enough to fuel your daily activity?
*Better sleep
*Better mood
*Better workouts
*Better recovery
*Better digestion
*Increased sex drive, basically your body becomes an efficient machine.
When you are providing your body ENOUGH FOOD you are GIVING IT ENERGY. Food is not good or evil or bad- it is energy. When you have enough energy coming in- your body in turn will start to BURN more fat instead of storing it for later use. Eating enough and working out increases your basal metabolic rate and you burn more at rest than you otherwise would be doing. Time and time again, I’ve given people MORE FOOD, enough food and they lose 15-20# and in turn gain a lot of lean muscle and strength.

So how do I know if I am eating enough or not?
*Check your biomarkers. Are you not sleeping well? Is your recovery terrible? Does your mood fluctuate often? Are you reliant on coffee all day long to stay energized? Are you not able to focus and do your job well? Are you not having a BM everyday? Do you have endless injuries or chronic injuries?
If you are answering yes to most of these… you most likely are not eating enough. If you want to be sure- ask coach Ryan or I.


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